How to Best Pack Your Storage Space

Published on 4/4/2019

a hallway of a pink storage unit

If you’ve made the move to finally declutter your living space, or have purchased storage to keep your business's inventory, there’s one thing new storage renters have to think about: How to get the best use of the space.

You can’t just pack a ton of boxes in there until it’s full. What happens when you need to find something and it's all the way in the back? You need a plan and a strategy if you really want to make the best use of the space and ensure it works for you.

Here are some tips for how to best pack your storage space.

Take Inventory

First things first. You want to have an overview of everything you plan to store. Items both big and small should be inventoried. Once you know just how much stuff you have, it’s easier to decide how big a storage unit you’ll need to rent.

Consider All Items

Once you’re ready to start storing, you should consider the types of items you’re packing away. Furniture, collectibles, and delicate, glass items will need special attention to ensure they remain in the condition you packed them in and don’t succumb to damage.

Use Labels

You might not be envisioning what the packed storage unit will look like once you’re done with the move, but if you’ve used a lot of boxes and bins, it’s going to be hard to remember what’s, where. Label everything. No need to be fancy, grab some paper, tape and a marker. It will make the hunt for items easier and make your overall storage experience a smoother one.

Big, Heavy Items Should Always Go First

With the exception that you’ll need quick, upcoming access to a very large item in the unit, it makes sense to pack the biggest, heaviest and tallest items in the back. It’s much easier to get through the small stuff and it will be hard to see it in the sea of stuff when bigger items are blocking the view. Or worse, placing them on top of smaller items potentially crushing them.

Leave an Opening

While we want you to stuff the storage space as full as possible and get the best bang for your buck, it doesn’t make sense to do that and then fear even opening the door again. Once you’ve mapped out a good layout and your items are stacked sensibly and labeled, it’s important to leave an opening (preferably down the center) that will allow you to walk all the way to the back and visually check for the items you need when you visit again.

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