How to Spark Joy without Getting Rid of All Your Belongings

Published on 5/1/2019

woman sitting in empty clean room

The idea that clearing clutter brings peace to a space isn’t a new concept. As any self-proclaimed neat freak can admit, they’ve had a passion for tossing clutter and keeping their living spaces impeccable long before the famous Marie Kondo series on Netflix, “Tidying Up” aired.

Thanks to trending topics and the nature of the Internet though, it’s become a popular topic and many more people are now adopting ways to clean up their living quarters and their lives so they can be more peaceful overall.

Clearing Out Clutter

The expert at cleaning up spaces says that tidying up spaces can transform lives and that holding on to things that no longer have use in one’s life or that doesn’t “spark joy” when held, is a waste of space and effort and should be discarded of.

Her shows proves that this method has lead to real world transformations for people’s homes and has helped to improve relationships. But what about those things you simply cannot get rid of because they hold value to you - sentimental or monetary? Sure it’s easy to get rid of some old sweaters or maybe the VHS tapes your kids watched when they were younger that you no longer can view without any VCRs on the market anyways.

But what about the gold jewelry and other heirlooms from your ancestors or the overpriced pair of shoes you might just wear again to a special occasion again and that you’ll never get back what you paid for then with today’s market. These items, Kondo says should be thanked for their service and recycled or donated. Let’s be honest thought, it isn’t always so black and white.

This is where renting a storage unit makes sense.

Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit

You can still clean up your house and proclaim peace from the mess and distractions around you without having to live in regret for getting rid of items you weren’t necessarily ready to part with.

A storage unit provides a safe place to store it away out of sight so it’s not taking up visual space in your living area but is still kept along with your other non-seasonal decorations and personal belongings for you to access when needed.

As trends towards simplicity and minimalism continue to increase, it’s important to find a balance and know that those items you still desire to keep in your possession can remain there if you choose.

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